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4 Reasons Not to Use the Dealers Repair Shop

If you're a car owner in Central Florida, chances are you've been tempted to take your vehicle to the dealership for its service and repairs. After all, dealerships have access to the original parts that were designed specifically for your car. It seems like a no-brainer, right? Not so fast! There are several reasons why it may be wiser to leave your car with an independent garage instead.

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Support Local Mechanics, Not National Chain Dealerships


Why You Shouldn't Use a Dealer's Service Department

Are you debating whether to take your car to the dealership or your local auto repair shop? Let's take a look at why using a dealer's repair shop may not be the best option.

Your Local Mechanic Costs Less

Some auto shops get a bad reputation for "price gouging" while providing the same function or service for their customers. It's no secret that dealerships charge much higher prices than independent garages for regular vehicle services and car repairs. This is largely because of overhead costs. Dealerships must charge more for their services because they have higher overhead expenses than independent garages do. The cost difference can be significant, you may end up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars more if you choose to have your car serviced at the dealership instead of at an independent mechanic.

Availability of Parts

Although dealerships indeed have access to original parts that were made specifically for your car, these parts are often very expensive and hard to find—especially if your vehicle is older or has been discontinued. Independent mechanics usually keep parts on hand and can often source them from various vendors when necessary. This means that they can get the job done faster and often at a lower cost than the dealership can offer, even on most manufacturer-backed extended warranties with genuine OEM parts.

Knowledgeable Staff

When it comes to servicing cars, knowledge is key—and when technicians don't know enough about what they're doing, mistakes can happen, which often happens with "factory-trained technicians." When working with an independent garage, you can feel confident knowing that their staff will be knowledgeable about both modern and vintage cars alike—and any other kind of vehicles as well! Dealership techs tend to specialize in one type of vehicle or another; this means that their staff might not have as much experience dealing with different types of cars as the guys at a locally owned & operated independent mechanic would have.

Independent Mechanics Provide Convenience

Finally, your local mechanic can offer better convenience than dealerships do when it comes to scheduling appointments and drop-off times. Dealerships tend to require appointments during business hours while many independent mechanic garages allow customers to drop off their vehicles outside of normal business hours or even on weekends if needed—which makes things much easier if you're pressed for time!

Ron Jon's Automotive: Your Local Auto Repair Shop

All in all, there are several reasons why leaving your car with an independent mechanic instead of taking it to a dealer's auto shop might be the smarter choice—especially when considering cost savings, convenience, availability of parts, and knowledgeable staff members!

Ron Jon’s Automotive provides high-quality services at competitive prices from experienced mechanics who understand all makes and models of cars and strive for the highest levels of customer satisfaction—so come see us today!



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